Good News!

by Patti Rogers

Good news! Good news!
Won't you come to my Sunday feast!

After church,
One o'clock or two.
Don't forget to bring a dish.

Good news! Good news!
I'll take a leg or a breast.
I'm the patron saint of equal opportunity.
Fried, baked, barbequed or grilled;
pig, cow, chicken, or fish--
don't matter to me.

Well, Thelma Aikens!
Those fried oysters of yours!
They've got to be the best you've ever made
Phhhew! It's hot!
Which one you say has the beer?

Oh, Maureen, do go on!
Don't you tell me how
that cow
struggled and cried
on her way to becoming
that carolina-style barbeque.
Just slide some on the bun.

Jim said he'd take his steak rare.
Just two minutes on each side
will do.
He likes to sop the juices
with his roll.

Good news! Good news!
We're practicing loving our neighbor.
And we're mighty glad Julia Child
didn't die.
Always try to catch her show
on cable TV.
Never lived near
no turkey, pig or cow.
So pass the Henderson boy
a dog and some beer.

Best Sunday feast we ever had!

Good News! Good News!