animals and ethics
Dr. Steven Best, the homepage of Dr. Steven Best,
professor of philosophy at the University of Texas,
El Paso, and internationally renowned  author,
editor, and speaker on behalf of animal liberation.
Journal of Critical Animal Studies, an online,
peer-reviewed journal devoted to animal protection
philosophy and activism
Lantern Books, leading publisher of books on
animal advocacy, environmentalism, and
spirituality (and, in the interests of full diclosure,
the publisher of my books).
All-Creatures.Org, a massive, ecumenical,
gentle, and inspiring website promoting
animal liberation from a Christian
perspective, created by the Rev. Frank L.
and Mary T. Hoffman
CHAI, website of Concern for Helping
Animals in Israel, with extensive material
on animal protection as Jewish, Muslim,
and Christian practice
Circle of Compassion, website of a
non-sectarian prayer circle devoted to
compassion for animals, sponsored by
Judy Carman, M.A., author of Peace to All
Beings: Veggie Soup for the Chicken's
Soul, and Will Tuttle, Ph.D., author of The
World Peace Diet
Jewish Vegetarians of North America,
website devoted to vegetarianism, animal
protection, and environmentalism from a
Jewish perspective.
Jews for Animal Rights, website of Jews
for Animal Rights and Micah Publications,
sponsored by Dr. Roberta Kalechofsky, a
leading author and speaker on behalf of
animal rights
Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics,
website of the Ferrater-Mora Oxford
Centre for Animal Ethics, directed by the
Rev. Dr. Andrew Linzey, who almost
single-handedly created the discipline of
animal rights theology
There are far too many outstanding websites to ever hope to list
even a fair cross-section. The following are just a smattering of
my personal favorites.
Islamic Concerns, informative website
Islamic Concerns, informative website
devoted to vegetarianism, animal
protection, and environmentalism in the
context of Islam
Animals and Society Institute: devoted to social
science, philosophy, art, and other creative
endeavors in the service of a compassionate,
respectful relationship with all living beings.
The Culture and Animals Foundation: founded
and directed by Tom and Nancy Regan, and
devoted to advancing the animals' cause through the
medium of artistic and intellectual exploration.
Professor Marc Bekoff, homepage of Professor
Marc Bekoff, a leader of the revolution in our
understanding of animals' consciousness and
emotional lives that is the most important
contemporary development in the struggle for
animal rights.
Christian Vegetarian Association,
website of
one of America's most active
and influential interdenominational
vegetarian and  animal protection groups,
led by physician and theologian Dr. Steven