animals and ethics
Links, continued
The Grumpy Vegan. The blog of Kim Stallwood,
former executive director of PETA, former
of The Animals' Agenda, and now
European Director of the Animals and Society Institute.
Lantern Books, animal protection, the environment,
social justice, personal growth, spirituality and related
SuperVegan, website and blog about the vegan lifestyle
in New York City. Indispensable if you're a vegan in the
Big Apple, it still makes interesting reading for the rest
of us out in the provinces.
Compassion Over Killing (COK). Local Washington,
D.C. advocacy group that has won a worldwide
reputation for its open rescues and creative vegan

Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), the group
that pioneered farmed animal advocacy in the 1980s and
is still a leader in the fight.

Farm Sanctuary. Vegan advocacy and compassion for
farmed animals from the organization that started the
movement for combining advocacy with care.

Humane Society of the United States, Website of the
mainstream, but increasingly rights-oriented, HSUS,
which now campaigns on behalf of companion animals,
farmed animals, wildlife, furbearing animals, and against
dog and cockfighting

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).
The world's premier cutting edge animal rights
organization for nearly three decades

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Captain Paul
Watson's crusade to save the oceans' mammals.

SHARK, leading the fight against rodeos, charreadas,
and bullfighting.

United Poultry Concerns (UPC). Of the 10 billion
animals slaughtered for our appetites, 9 billion are
chickens and turkeys. UPC is the sanctuary/advocacy
group that put domestic fowl on the animal rights radar
European Vegetarian and Animal News Alliance
(EVANA), vegetarian and animal rights news from around
the world in eight languages
Activist Groups
Abolitionist Online, online magazine that provides
extensive coverage from an abolitionist perspective of
the issues and debates that are shaping the animal rights
movement in Australia, the US, and elsewhere. Essential
reading for keeping current with the state of the

Animal People.. website and online edition of the
popular animal protection news magazine.

Animals' Voice, high-quality news, information, and
resources for the animal rights community

VegNews, website for the hip, trendy and always
informative print magazine devoted to a cruelty-free
GoVeg.Org. PETA website on all things vegetarian and
vegan for all ages.

International Vegetarian Union, everything vegetarian,

Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine.
Vegetarian health and nutrition information from doctors,
dietitians and other health care professionals.

VegSource. Massive website that also hosts websites
and blogs by vegetarian and vegan activists from
differing places on the political spectrum.

Vegan Outreach. Website of one of the world's most
active and effective vegan activist groups.

VegCooking.Org. PETA website on vegetarian and
vegan cooking..

The Vegetarian Resource Group. Information on
vegetarian and vegan cooking and nutrition from
professional dietitians and nutritionists.
Websites in French, German, and Spanish
Association d'Information et de Mobilisation pour la
Survie des Animaux (AHIMSA), French language site
maintained by Quebecoise activist Marjolaine Jolicoeur,
author of the outstanding book Vegetarisme et
Non-Violence. Includes links to other French language

Dr. Helmut Kaplan. German language homepage of Dr.
Helmut Kaplan, professor of philosophy at the University
of Salzburg, one of Europe's leading authors and
lecturers on behalf of animal rights, and owner of the
listserv Tierrechte Jetzt!

Pensamiento Vegano. Comprehensive and
thought-provoking site that includes an impressive library
of articles, most in Spanish but some in English, on
veganism and animal protection philosophy and strategy.

PETA en Espanol. Spanish language website of People
for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Rincon Animal. Spanish language website with
emphasis on news and events of interest to people living
in and around New York City.
Shabkar, an extensive and informative site devoted to
vegetarianism and animal protection from a Tibetan
Buddhist point of view
The Schwartz Collection on Judaism, Vegetarianism,
and Animal Rights, a comrehensive collection of
writings by prominent author and animal advocate Dr.
Richard Schwartz
LOBSA, outstanding website of Liberation of Brother
and Sister Animals, an Australian-based group devoted
to vegetarianism and animal rights as Buddhist practice